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Nearly fit

Jan's Daily NotesPosted by Jan H. Oersnaes 2007-08-11 05:27PM

I completed my yearly executive check-up Wednesday this week after having spent Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday in Saint Luke's Medical Center located in Quezon City, Manila. For those with a remote knowledge about the Philippines this hospital is by far the best in The Philippines and it looks pretty good too.

So, what did they actually put me through and at what cost?

Well, I had selected their Executive check-up program C which is a program that especially focus on the cardio-vascular system as well as all the other checks that turned out to be nice and easy or a bit harder.

I was welcomed Monday 6th August at 1 PM where I was admitted. I was led to my room (very nice private room with everything) and appointed my own customer relations officer to guide me around and plan my various tests.

The next few days my heart, blood, lungs, liver, kidneys, prostate, stomach, upper and lower colon were tested in various ways of which I did not enjoy the enemas (getting your intestines cleaned with water pumped up your rectum). I was also fitted with a Holter, basically and ECG device that measures the heart over a 24 hour period. I did stress test and lung test.

As additions I had selected to get another gastroscopy (examination of the stomach) and this turned out to be a good idea. What I believed to be stomach ulcers were in fact abrasions of the stomach walls so I have now been put of medication for the next 6 months after which I will have to undergo another gastroscopy.

It seems that everything else was normal so I guess that I should not complain although that stomach of mine acts up now and then.

My stay was made easy by the excellent staff and especially my appointed customer care officer Chris Yap not to mention the nurses who were always there when needed.

The price for all of this may seem high for a local Filipino (60245 Peso all included) but any Dane I think would agree to the fact that it is in fact cheap (DKK 7172).

Below I have attached a picture of me wearing the Holter.

Blog Image

It took a little getting used to for me to sleep with that thing.

All in all a nice experience. I think I will make that a yearly event.

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