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When toilet paper is not enough!

Jan's Daily NotesPosted by Jan H. Oersnaes 2007-10-08 03:11PM

In some parts of the world it is quite normal not to use toilet paper (maybe they are smarter than us?). If you have ever tried to suffer from a good case of the runs you will know that after 16 times to the toilet in one day your behind will feel like a smashed starfish (søstjerne).

Now, in the above mentioned parts of the world it is normal to wash your behind and other things with a water hose or in most case with a small shower head smiley.

In the first class lounge in Dubai International Airport I came about a fully automated toilet with the following features:

Remote control of the toilet seat lid.

Remote control of the toilet seat.

Heating in the toilet seat.

And the best......the remote control looks like this (see below)

Blog Image

There is the possibility of normal rear cleaning which I assume is a somewhat forceful water jet up the rear. Then there is a softer version of the water jet up the rear. Then there is a possibility of getting the back of the golf balls washed or in case of a woman to get the vertical seafood taco cleaned and to finish it off you can select to get your behind blown dry (any home should have one!). No only can also select how the cleaning is taking place, Oscillating, Pulsating or select Rinse Cycle. I guess that is how many times you want to do it (probably more popular with the women!!)smiley. I can just imagine the noises coming from the ladies room if we had these things in Denmark!!smiley

Now, these things need maintenance hence the reason for the below message that must be placed in a place so the user can see it just in order to avoid any accidents!

Blog Image

Obviously, it will not be the best day if the heating element in the seat malfunctions and fry your buttocks!! smiley

How can anybody live without a toilet like this I ask you? smiley

I wonder....what will be the next?

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