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Baptismal of Isabella

Jan's Daily NotesPosted by Jan H. Oersnaes 2007-11-02 08:43AM

I finally managed to get a week off work so I went to Manila Tuesday night 23. Oct in order to meet up with Girlie, Isabella and my mother in law. I went to HP Wednesday morning to deliver my laptop because the wireless function had stopped working. That morning I started to get a cold and was not feeling too good.

Girlie, Isabella and Rosita (mother in law) turned up around 14:00 hrs so we packed up and went straight to the Danish Consulate where we were met with open arms. They were very helpful when we had to fill in the applications for Isabella's Danish passport. So now we will end up being two out of three with a Danish passport but Girlie still cannot get a residence visa to Denamrk so she can come and go as she please thanks to the Danish petty racist policies (a country inhabited by village idiots).

Thursday 25. Oct we went to the Norwegian Embassy to apply for a Schengen visa for Girlie for our trip to Denmark which will be postponed to the end of January because we cannot get tickets for New Year (we can but they are very expensive). Again, it seems odd that you can go to a Danish consulate and get a passport but not a visa (Danish logic or lack of it).

Thursday afternoon Girlie's friend Lhen and her two kids Christina and Michael joined us. They had come to the Philippines for a vacation and we had not seen Lhen since 2002 when she moved to The US with her husband.

Friday 26. Oct we flew from Manila to Calbayog on the island of Samar where I spent the rest of the day in bed because of my cold.

Saturday 27. Oct we went to the local church where Isabella was baptised. It was a private low key event. However, later the whole village came around for food and drink plus the unavoidable Videoke.

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Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageThe day went well but my cold had gotten worse and I had a short spell of fever later in the day. Unfortunately we later learned that I had managed to pass the cold on to everybody including Isabella.


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