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Project HousePosted by Jan H. Oersnaes 2007-11-02 11:41AM

The work on the house is slowly moving forward but it will take some time before the whole project is complete.

At the moment the terrace is moving towards completion and the generator house is under construction (this will just be a 4x4 meter open house with a roof and one wall facing the street). This means that we can soon start on painting the house inside and outside. The perimeter wall needs another 3 layers of blocks in some places and 5 layers in others. Then everything needs to be finished before priming and coating with paint (I dont want any gray concrete anywhere). We have postponed the generator for the moment so we can concentrate on getting the house painted so we can move in sometime in December so we can celebrate Christmas and New Year there.

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Maybe calling it a terrace is slightly incorrect since it will eventually be fitted out as just another living room but it will be possible to sit there with mosquito netting over the windows enjoying the view over the rice fields next door.


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