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Girlie & Jan's daily blog

New job

Jan's Daily NotesPosted by Jan H. Oersnaes 2006-12-14 01:47PM

Well, I guess it is official now!

I was approached by an offshore company in November concerning an offshore job in Thailand.

Since I know the person who contacted me to be a man of high integrity I did not hesitate to accept the offer.

The first year is a project phase where my work will take me to Singapore, Cadiz in Spain and Dubai before the actual offshore work starts offshore Thailand in January 2008.

This means that I will get the chance of moving back to The Philippines with Girlie on a more permanent basis. I assume that my good friend Jakob in Thailand will be a happy camper as well since he has used every chance to blame me for leaving Asia at the time where he was settling down there in 2004. Well, I will be at your service now Jakob but dont make the mistake to think that I will not repay and jokes made on my expensesmiley

I will leave Crete, Greece for Singapore on 29th of January 2007 after which my greek contact telephone numbers will become void.

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